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Located on Bodega Avenue, on the way to Bodega Bay, Praetzel’s Fine Furniture offers 100% American Made, Hand Crafted Furniture, Mattresses, Custom Upholstery, Lighting, Area Rugs and Home Accessories.  In addition, our ASID Certified Interior Designers will work with you to create your ideal home environment.

You will know you have reached our store when you see the eight foot tall sculpture of Humpty Dumpty by our entrance, on the way to Bodega Bay.  This huge Humpty Dumpty was sculpted by renowned artists Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent.  “We wanted to put a piece outside our store to remind the community that after 60 years, we are alive and better than ever.  We also wanted to focus on Petaluma’s deep history in farming and eggs.  And what better way to do that than with a local artist.” Read more about the sculpture here.

Praetzel’s Fine Furniture Petaluma, CA has a great history as one of the oldest furniture stores in Sonoma County.  It was 1950, and the family’s Petaluma chicken business was hitting hard times when Bertha Praetzel, mother of six, placed a small ad in the Petaluma newspaper, hoping to sell a few pieces of unwanted furniture in order to make ends meet.  People came in droves to see the advertised items – a double-bed box spring mattress for $6.50 and a walnut bed and large chest of drawers for $27.50.

In the ensuing months, Bertha kept advertising and met with similar success, eventually depleting the supply of furniture in her garage.  Soon her husband, Desmond, fell upon the idea of buying furniture at auctions, storing it in the chicken houses and then reselling it.  They didn’t know then that this new business they’d happened into so unexpectedly would survive to become the second oldest furniture business in Sonoma County.


Furniture store or interior design specialist?  Ask Praetzel’s Fine Furniture customers and they’ll tell you Praetzel’s is both.  This is because along with all of our other services, we happily provide many of the same services associated with higher end interior designers.  We have  an ASID certified Interior Designer in house.  Stop by Praetzel’s Fine Furniture in Petaluma, CA and see what you’ve been missing.

Furniture Upholstering

At Praetzel’s Fine Furniture, we insist on seating that’s professionally supported by old-fashioned (and time-tested) 8-way hand-tied cord to coil construction.  This results in a spring unit being in each seat cushion – your assurance of getting years of “stay up” comfort.  In other words, we promise sofas and chairs that years from now will still keep you feeling lifted “up” even when you’re sitting “down.”

Best Mattresses

“We really care” attitude. And that’s because we really do. Much more than just part of the community, we’ve become part of our customers lives. We are honored by that. And we’d be honored to have you become part of the Praetzel’s Sleep Showroom family, one of the oldest and most popular mattress stores in Petaluma CA.